Single channel HD Video with sound, 5' 15", 2020

Sound by Zach Schreier and Lý Trang

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‘Survive acid oceans by switching to soft-bodied mode’ re-stages how human induced stresses cause the ‘insane abundance’ of select marine species, to the detriment of others.

Rising ocean temperatures and acidification dissolve corals and the shells of marine invertebrates, whilst simultaneously causing global jellyfish outbreaks, urchin barrens and sea anemone population booms.

In ‘Survive acid oceans...’, sea creatures manifest as everyday detritus, to be consumed by short spans of attention and remain undigested for eternal life spans elsewhere. The lure found in snorkelling and in rock pools is replaced with a prosaic sublime built of polystyrenes and microplastics. These items - trite impulse buys, are probed for significance through a deceptive lens.

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