Underarm starch!

pulpy icon with a dowager’s hump,

a strapping gold man with tassels for hands

embroiled in fat, fat air.

gilt gonfalon, gild a pinion,

maybe 79 nuns moving like googly eyes

follow me, primary lesion in acne

bless the hoary ones,

bless the candent twos.

stiff knee against Teresa’s Green,

a nice tempered tulip claps and claps

the LUNULA (little moon in Latin)

is the white area of the bed of a fingernail or toenail

here are some; young talcums and capsicums

capsicums and calcium

GIFT Gluten Free Host Ciborium

New Gluten Free Host Ciborium!

To accomodate those with gluten intolerance the GIFT Gluten Free Host Ciborium is here!

Available in silver or gold with satin or high polish finish!

The GIFT: Gluten, Intolerant, Faithful, Thanksgiving

Gift box includes: 1 Gluten Free Ciborium with lid,

2 Protective Strips with Adhesive, 1 Gluten Free Symbol Amulet

no noted monstrance

A great gold flapper with tassels for hands, embroiled in fat air again

We walk as beaming bleeding gums with our Baldachin

silver wipes

clasped hand wipes

talcum and capsicum

talcum and calcium

struts and soft knees

kneading the product in a dilute lye

“the colour, like a truffle in the kitchen,

is not an appropriate ingredient for dabblers”

tasselled hands for the third time

below the gold rush of the growth spurts

a hold up by boys with collared equipoise




banderoles and inner city amblypygis

              bouldering up the back wall

Grandparents as bookends

that try and curl your hair like Shirley Temple

and it will fry and feel like Quavers

a left pan of swans.

sprockets to see  inside their beaks

with that texture of a towel

quick, German tusk!

seafood stick pews.

on this boat

glaucoma’s moat

sub-cataracted quarters


pass me that buff ghost!

yes, by the scruff.

pallid temple

the tincture ‘purpure’

(more or less purple)

semi-precious urinary tact

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